Sonam Wangchuk in Bodoland | Important of regional language | Important of regional culture

Sonam Wangchuk addresses the 53rd annual conference of the All Bodo Students Union in Bodoland Assam. In this part, he speaks about the im

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Bharat Bandh: How long India will stop and what will the consequence, who supported the farmers?

A nationwide bandh has been called today by farmers protesting against the agricultural laws of the central government for the last 12 day

Stop Dowry!! And take several steps to prevent the dowry system.

Basically, in our country, the dowry system is totally forbidden to taking or giving the dowry but still, there are so many families who a

Urban: City Life

People living in villages find city life very uncomfortable. The noise, the dust, and the smoke, the ride, and the turbulence make them wo

If a cow is beneficial for society then why people’s behavior is abnormal for a cow?

In, India a lot of people do not respect the animal cow but this is not virtuous behavior because Cow is the most spiritual animal for Hin

If people did not change their faith or mental picture regarding religion then what happens to the future?

In the world, there is a huge population and also a lot of religions, and these religions survive form hundreds of years. At this time rel

Delhi Metro will start Monday, the government of Delhi is ready with rules and regulations

Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot met Friday at the Delhi Secretariat to review the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Delhi’s r

Unlock 4.0: Metro will operate, states will not be able to enforce lockdown on their own, and know what concessions Unlock-4 have received

The country is set to make a step towards Unlock-4 following the challenge of the Corona epidemic. However, almost every operation outside